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Larry Yatch

SEALed Mindset

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"I’ve had the pleasure of training with Larry Yatch for years, and I’ve always been continually impressed with not only his amazing experience as a Navy SEAL, but also with his ability to take topics that were previously reserved for elite tactical teams, and bring them to the civilian market in a way that we can understand.  The shooting techniques, the accelerated teaching/learning systems, and the integrated methods that he’s created are among the best that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot.  While I’m lucky enough to live near Larry’s training headquarters, the Concealed Carry Masters Course takes the same knowledge that Larry has shared in the classroom and on the range with thousands of students, and packages it up into a DVD set that brings that same training into the comfort of your own home.

The Concealed Carry Masters Course is really groundbreaking in its ability to take the theory behind proper shooting techniques, and hardwire those techniques at on unconscious level.  If you’re serious about using a pistol for self-defense, you should seriously consider this course."

- Michael Martin, USCCA Chief Instructor

“SEALed Mindset is a World-Class self-defense facility and business. I truly believe they are inimitable in this industry and feel fortunate to have access to this level of training. I recently took a course with my wife. In short, the experience was amazing. The class was intense and realistic, but NOT intimidating. The staff are second to none and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend SEALed Mindset to anyone with a pulse (there is literally something for anyone), and especially those who care about their personal safety and the safety of loved ones. SEALed Mindset is simply the best!”

- Kevin

“I’ve been to Front Sight and many of the higher level training programs in the country. SEALed Mindset’s program helps you hone and refine what you learn in that type of “fire-hose” training – and they do it with a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. It’s great for guys like me who don’t have the flexibility in my schedule to take a week or two off to travel for training every year, but still want the best there is to keep my family safe.”

- Bob

“As a former professional in the High-Risk Security field, I can say that the importance of qualified, experienced Instructors is a very high priority. Too many times, I have worked with people who had received their CCW permit and were considered “qualified” by the Companies contracted to provide security. I think it is great that you guys are going above and beyond the minimum training needed for Minnesota’s CCW requirements and hope to one day, further my own training on your course!”

- Vic

“I was watching “The real housewives of Miami” and one of the ladies went to the gun range so she could learn how to shoot a gun. Well, I was amazed at the things she was doing wrong, most notable was how she held the gun and the fact that she kept her finger on the trigger the whole time, regardless of the position of the gun! It was great to realize these mistakes, and I’m so thankful for the training I’ve received so far! Seeing that solidifies proper training is absolutely necessary!”

- Marissa

“I want to thank you and all of the SEALed Mindset team members for hosting this course. It was an unbelievable experience, filled with much learning and knowledge that I can use wherever I am. I feel that because I have taken this course, I am much better suited to protect not only myself but also others. Lt. Yatch instilled great lessons while making it an enjoyable and exciting experience. To sum up how I feel about this course, “Never be a victim again. Eliminate uncertainty and control fear by taking this course!”

- Jeffrey

“Personally, I have been shooting for eight years now. I have just assumed that I was a terrible shot and made my peace with that. After a 30 minute training session and some stance and grip corrections I have drastically improved. I might even consider myself a good shot if I continue to cement the lessons. So I definitely enjoyed it immensely. It’s a great facility and program you have going. You should be very proud. I will definitely be recommending it to anybody interested.”

- Shaun

“I really like the mental part of the training, I personally needed it as I feel I’ve lost an edge over the years. I would take a class from SEALed Mindset ANY day, you certainly have my respect.”

- Justin