Could You be the One in Five
American’s That Will Experience
a Home Invasion or Break-In?

Discover Why the AR-15 is THE Superior Weapon
for Defending Your Family from Today’s Vicious
Criminal Element … and Get the Tactics You Need
to Protect Your Loved Ones From Mayhem

Dear Fellow American,

1:43 AM – You wake up, startled by the sharp sound of breaking glass.

Then a thud… another thud… and a final thud gives you the clue a team of home invaders are now inside your residence.

Your worst fear… realized.

Sure, you knew your neighborhood had been hit before.

So you got prepared.

Now you’re a responsible gun owner.

You’ve trained a bit, you’re a decent shot.

But your mind races…

Your kids are sound asleep in their bedrooms… your wife is in the bed next to you… and they all depend on your decisions in the next few minutes.

But your breathing labors, your vision narrows, your body trembles with fear.

Not fear of the bad guys… but fear of what could happen to your family if you don’t get this right.

You open the biometric gun safe on your night stand and rack a round into the chamber of your handgun.

Tiptoeing to the door, you crack it open to assess the situation.

home-invasionDown the hall, the outline of three men, two armed with their handguns and one with a shotgun are whispering and flashing hand signs.

You’re hopelessly outgunned… and one spots you peering out of your doorway.

It’s game time.

Not just for you – but for the bad guys too.

Bad guys with nothing to lose… scum who’s totally fine with hurting, even killing anyone who stands in their way.

So how does the story end?

Play it out in your head… you know it won’t end pretty.

Sadly, for many it doesn’t.

In fact, according to the FBI, almost 2.2 million homes experienced a home invasion in the U.S. in 2011.

When you do the math, 20% of Americans will become victims of this crime at some point in time.

woman-home-invasionAnd even more frightening, 60% of all rapes happen during home invasions.

It’s time you face up to the fact your pistol isn’t enough to defend your family.

After all, how do you think your 16 rounds will fare against their 37?

And what happens if you’re in a non-gun friendly state and only have a 10 round magazine?

Think you’ll intimidate the bad guys with your pistol?

Think again…

Even though NYPD stats show a defender shooting one round and missing usually gets the bad guy to turn tail and run, it’s a different story with a committed attacker.

They won’t stop just because they hear a bang.

They’ll keep coming, and coming and coming.

So you’ll have to take them out, without mercy if they do.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds, even if you’re one heck of a shot.

In fact, it could take anywhere between 5 and 10 hollow-point rounds from a handgun hitting center mass to take down one committed bad guy.

So if you were lucky, your 16 rounds theoretically could take them all out.

If you’re not… maybe you only stop one threat.

And the others could be high as a kite and bent on revenge.

A handgun clearly isn’t up to the task.

And if you were armed with a shotgun… well, you’re down to 3-5 rounds against 37.

(That’s just one of many problems with using a shotgun for home defense…keep reading for more…)

Not exactly good odds.

As violence is skyrocketing all over the country, and home invasions are in the news almost daily… you need more effective firepower and better tactics if you’re serious about defending your family from threats.

Which is why the AR-15 style carbine, also known as the Modern Sporting Rifle, should be your weapon of choice to defend your home and loved ones.

Because when a handgun can take 5-10 shots to neutralize a committed threat, a carbine only takes 1-3!

Look, if you’re concerned about overpenetration of rifle rounds, as many folks are, a pistol or shotgun has been shown through testing to be far worse than an AR-15.


As I’ll show you shortly, a .223/5.56 round tends to fragment on impact.

Of course these fragments can still be dangerous, but their potential for injury or penetration into other walls is far lower than a pistol or shotgun.

But, with new self-defense rounds in .223 caliber, made for minimizing overpenetration, an AR-15 is even safer for your family and neighbors too.

According to Guns and Ammo, “Drywall sheets and hollow-core doors (which are what you’ll find in the majority of homes and apartments in this country) offer almost no resistance to bullets.

Now that I’ve busted that myth, here is why a Modern Sporting Rifle is THE superior weapon for home defense.

Seven Reasons You Should Choose an
AR-15 to Defend Your Family

larry-yatchI’m Larry Yatch, a retired Navy Seal, and currently I lead a firearms and self-defense think tank and training lab with facilities in Minnesota.

I call it SEALed Mindset.

If you happen to have read Dick Couch’s best-selling book, “Down Range,” on Navy SEALs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the second chapter tells some of my story.

I was still “under the radar” when Dick wrote that, so he used the name “Sean Yarrow” to protect my identity.

My mission is to give citizen defenders the tools and training they need to protect themselves and their loved ones in these dangerous times.

When you think about the statistic that shows one in five homes will experience a home invasion, it’s a sobering wakeup call.

What do those 20% odds look like?

Picture putting a round in an S&W model 36, (a five round revolver), spinning the cylinder, pointing it at your head and pressing the trigger.

Sure, you have four chances in five the round won’t go off… but what if it does?

That one in five chance is too high when you consider what’s a stake.

And that’s why I’ll prove to you why a carbine is your best bet for defending your home.

See, the bottom line is this… you need a better gun AND better tactics than the bad guys.  

These seven reasons prove, without a doubt, the Modern Sporting Rifle is a superior weapon for defending your home.

Reason #1 – Good Shootin’, Tex

If you’ve been around guns awhile, it comes as no surprise that a rifle is more accurate than a pistol.

First, you have a longer barrel.

And a longer barrel is more accurate.

Then, there’s the bullet.

The .223/5.56 round is longer and more aerodynamic than a pistol round in any caliber.

The AR 15 is a precision rifle, by design.

So clearly, it’s easier to put rounds on target with the AR platform.

Especially at home defense distances.

And in April of 2013, a 32 year old bad guy named Jasper Brisbon attacked a Philadelphia couple as they entered their home.

The intended victim grabbed his AR-15, and told Brisbon to leave.

But Brisbon kept coming.

After the resident screamed “Stop! Stop! Stop!” and Brisbon as charged him; he fired one round at the bad guy.

Brisbon didn’t live to attack anyone ever again.

Reason #2 – Say Hello to My Little Friend

Unless you live in a non-gun friendly state, an AR 15 can pack as many as 100 rounds.

And even with a standard 30 round magazine, you still have almost TWICE the ammo.

Of course more ammo means less reloading.

But even more importantly, it means you’ll be more confident.

Because I’ve never heard anyone say less ammo is better in a firefight.

Law enforcement learned this lesson almost 20 years ago, and it was a live, 44 minute TV shootout in front of the entire nation that proves I’m right.

The North Hollywood Shootout should a wakeup call for anyone who thinks a handgun or shotgun is the answer for a home invasion.

Two men, dressed in body armor and packing illegally modified fully automatic rifles proved that police armed with semi-automatic pistols and 12-gauge shotguns were hopelessly outgunned.

Law enforcement fired almost 2,000 rounds at the pair learned the hard way you need weapons that are at least on par with criminals.

Police finally used AR-15s from a local sporting goods store to level the field and stop the threats.

Don’t make the same mistake they did two decades ago.

Am I saying you need 30 rounds to ward off mutant zombie home invaders?

Absolutely not.

See, in a life or death situation, the more confident and comfortable you are – THE BETTER YOU WILL PERFORM.

Every military operator, law enforcement officer and home defender I know would rather face a threat in the middle of the night with a fully loaded rifle than with a pistol.

And 30 or more rounds in your weapon give YOU a huge boost in confidence.

Reason #3 – So Easy, a Kid Can Shoot It

Less recoil means faster sight picture acquisition for follow-up shots.

Yet very few defensive handguns have systems to reduce recoil.

But the AR 15 has an integrated, highly customizable system to dissipate recoil after a round is fired so that even smaller shooters can comfortably shoot it.

In 2010, a 15 year old Texas boy used his dad’s AR-15 to protect himself and his 12 year old sister from home invaders.

The boy hit one suspect multiple times and caused the bad guys to retreat, leaving a trail of blood for the police to follow.

Reason #4 – Thou Shalt Keep Thy Weapon

Not only is the AR 15 easy to shoot, it’s much easier to retain than a handgun.

And that’s vitally important.

In fact, about 10 percent of law enforcement officers who are killed are shot with their own handguns.

You don’t want the bad guy to use your own gun against you, and grabbing a pistol out of your hand is much easier than snatching your AR.

With two hands holding your weapon and a sling for retention… you’ll keep your weapon out of the hands of the assailant.

Reason #5 – Things that Go Bump in the Night

If things break down at extremely close range, an AR is a more effective impact weapon than a pistol.

And if it comes down to a physical response, you’ll have the edge with a muzzle or butt strike.

In fact new recruits of the US military and Israel Defense Forces undergo training on using the M16 as a blunt weapon.

Plus they learn how to jab parts of the body with the muzzle, and use the butt stock as a weapon.

The point is, you need every tactic at your disposal if you’re in a position where you can’t get a shot off.

Reason #6 – Make Bullets Great Again

Velocity is a key element to stopping power, and a .223/5.56 round travels at around 3,000 feet per second, vs. a 9mm at 1,000 fps and a .45 at about 800.

Now that’s stopping power.

Before the M16 (in 5.56) was adopted, two test batches were sent to Vietnam.

The first was only 10 rifles in October of 1961. The second batch was 1000 rifles sent in 1962.

In the CLOSE RANGE combat of Vietnam, the tiny 5.56 bullet produced wounds were so impressive, that pictures of them stayed classified until the 1980’s.

Just look at the chart below and you’ll see the faster the bullet flies, the more fragmentation occurs.

In 2014, Jonathan Haith awoke at 9:45am to find an armed home invader in his home.

Fortunately, he had time to grab his AR-15.

“I heard the loud bang in the laundry room area,” he said.

“I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway,” he said. “As soon as I poked my head around the corner I saw a tall male standing there with a gun.”

“He shot first, I shot second,” he said. “He missed and I reckon I connected.”

The man was struck in the stomach. He ran out of the home, and collapsed across the street in a church parking lot.

Now that’s stopping power.

Reason #6 – Make Bullets Great Again

Even back when longbows were more accurate and effective, Napoleon recognized that the sound, smoke and psychological effects of guns were a huge advantage on the battlefield.

The same principle applies to your home defense.

See, a carbine commands far more respect than a handgun.

In fact, the psychological intimidation factor of the AR-15 can stop a fight cold before it even starts!

Back in January of 2013, two men with a handgun broke into the New York apartment of a Rochester Institute of Technology student named Raymond.

The two men hid in the basement and Raymond’s roommate was held at gunpoint, but managed to warn Raymond, who pulled his AR-15 out of its gun bag.

As one of the invaders cracked open the door of Raymond’s room, he got a nasty surprise.

Raymond said: "By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out."

The intruders fled.

No shots were fired.

The truth is, the sight of the AR-15 rifle could easily cause Mr. Bad Guy to stop, pee his pants in sheer terror, then lie down and beg for you to call the cops.

You see, a LOT of career criminals have had pistols pointed at them.

Many have even been shot before.

Sure, they're respectful of pistols, but they are absolutely terrified of having a rifle pointed at them.

And an AR-15 is simply a devastating shock and awe element for the average thug.

Look, by now I’m sure you see why the AR-15 is a more effective home defense tool than a pistol or a shotgun.

But like any tool, the trick is using it correctly.

The “Problem” With Having a
Better Gun than the Bad Guys…

How could there possibly be a “problem” with using the AR-15 for home defense?

After all, I’ve just proven it superior, right?

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Maybe you’re current or former military or law enforcement.

Or maybe you’ve taken a high speed defensive carbine course from a military or law enforcement instructor.

If so, you may suffer from “the curse of knowledge.”

Let me explain.

You see, military and law enforcement tactics are NOT effective for home defense.

In fact, taking a military or LE approach to bad guy’s entering your home could be disastrous.

crime-scene-tapeIn the worst of situations, these tactics could get you or your family killed.

They could injure your neighbors too.

And finally, the tactics you’re so familiar with could open you up to significant legal liability.

That’s because military and LE tactics are meant for offense.

So if intruders enter your home… you need to switch to defensive tactics.

Because in the case of a home invasion or robbery, your best offense is a great defense.

See, in military and law enforcement, you’re usually working in teams.

You have speed, surprise and violence of action working in your favor.

Not to mention you control the timing and location of a confrontation.

A lot of times, innocent people have been evacuated or there weren’t any to start with.

But in home defense, all of these factors are working AGAINST you.

So if you try to be Jack Bauer and clear your home room by room, your chances of success are very small.

But by putting yourself in a defensive position and controlling choke points, where you’ll eventually get the bad guys into your field of fire, you’ve turned the tables.

You just need the right tactics to put together your plan.

It’s All About What Works… PERIOD!

That’s why I’ve created an all-new course, Home Defense Rifle.

This all new home study course has taken years of fanatical testing to build it from the bottom up for the citizen defender.

Look, I know there are a lot of courses and training available today, much of it taught by fellow SEALs, other Special Operations personnel and law enforcement professionals.

But they take a military or LE approach.

Neither of which are good approaches for a citizen defender.

That’s why I do things differently.

I don’t just rehash what I learned from Uncle Sam’s million dollars’ worth of specialized training I’ve received.

Of course it created a fantastic base of knowledge.

But like I told you earlier, the tactics for a citizen defender need to be far different than I used as a SEAL.

That’s why we don’t teach tactics just because SEALs or SWAT use them, even though my team consists of multiple SEALs, a former SWAT commander, a Special Forces Green Beret and a Recon Marine.

With the diverse team I’ve recruited to SEALed Mindset, you’d think the inter-service rivalries and “our way is best” attitude would get in the way.

But it doesn’t.

We take tactics and techniques and test them over and over again, in situations as close to “real world” as you can get.

And this is the greatest time in history to select tactics!

Between Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, we’ve got more access to after action reports and combat videos than any other time in the history of combat.

And things have changed radically.

Tactics have improved.

Techniques have improved.

So we test them all.

Then, we scrap the losers and teach the winners.

That’s why Home Defense Rifle literally took years to create.

Of course that’s not the fastest or easiest way to create a course.

(SEALs aren’t known for doing things the easy way…)

But we’re feared and respected around the globe because we do things RIGHT.

After all, the stakes are as high as they can get for our customers.

You and your family deserve what really works.

So what will you discover in Home Defense Rifle?

Presenting the World’s Most Current and
Effective Tactics for the Home Defender

hdr-dvdInside Home Defense Rifle, you’ll be shown the results of years of study and testing so you, the Citizen Defender have a complete defense plan for your home.

The material is presented in five modules, each consisting of two sessions.

First, you’ll go through the “classroom” session.

Then you’ll go through a very precise practice session to master that section.

It’s like building blocks, first a good foundation, and then you can build a tower as high as you want.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Module One: 100% Security

High speed skills are great, but your first line of defense is vital. In this module, you’ll discover how to reduce your chances of being targeted, give you more time to respond and reduce any potential for legal blowback if you have to use lethal force in defending your home.

  • A precise seven-step process, plus script for calling 911 which gives emergency personnel exactly what they need to speed response… but insulates you from making any incriminating statements that could come back to haunt you when the legal system takes over after the incident.
  • Three types of plans you MUST have in place if your family’s safety and security is your top priority. Your custom Home Defense Plan is only the beginning…
  • Three simple “modifications” to make to your home that slows any criminal from breaking in… even if he’s using a brick on your window.
  • A cheap, easy and most importantly EFFECTIVE trick for getting advanced notice when a bad guy is about to enter your bedroom. (This little trick gives you plenty of time to employ a better weapon…)
  • An immediate response drill that stops an aggressive attacker at your door cold. This drill even works for a much smaller person like your wife or even teenage children.
  • How to neutralize and reprogram your body’s natural startle response.

Module Two: Form and Function

True confidence with your weapon is knowing it inside and out. In this module, you’ll see how to set up your AR-15 , bring it to bear and be fully aware.

  • How to take your AR-15 completely apart for maintenance and lubrication so you know it’s rock-solid and dependable.
  • Should your rifle have rails or no rails… free float or fixed barrel, muzzle brake or flash hider? You’ll see how to select and customize your AR-15 you’re the unique needs of home defense.
  • How to master the “in the arm” emergency reload that gives you the speed you need to protect your family from lethal threats inside your home.
  • Three reasons why the “C-Clamp” (or overhand) grip so popular with competition shooters could ruin your “AR advantage” and ultimately, your family’s security.
  • Why your trigger finger is among the stupidest things in your body and the two-step trigger finger awareness process that keeps your brain from telling your finger to be dumb.
  • The three part “press check” that makes certain your rifle is ready to project lethal force to the fight with ZERO surprises.

Module Three: Shooting Fundamentals for Modern Sporting Rifles

Even if you have a military or law enforcement background, this module is vital.

Here’s an example of why…

A few months ago, several officers from a major department faced off with a bad guy. The officers all had their patrol rifles with red dot optics. They were all in supported positions from 10-30 meters away.

The situation was resolved with no shots fired.

A few days later, their training officer re-created the situation on the range with a paper target.

None of the officers were able to put hits on the target, even after several attempts.

As a result, their trainer did some refresher training on the fundamentals…the basics. Because if you don’t have the fundamentals squared away, you’re building everything else on a weak foundation.

  • A drill to lay down the neural pathways to mount and get perfect sight alignment automatically in high-stress encounters.
  • The secret to effortlessly switch shoulders and stay highly accurate in any condition.
  • Why a “muzzle down” position so popular with military and law enforcement puts your family’s survivability in freefall. (The ultimate reason they use it is NOT because it’s most effective… and most average shooters use it because they see it in the movies and because most ranges require it.)
  • The five steps of “rifle shooting fundamentals mastery” that form the foundation of advanced tactics that come in later modules.
  • The myth of “blading” your body to make a smaller target… BUSTED. (And a better position that maximizes power, balance and maneuverability.)
  • “Mechanical Offset” and how ballistics affect your point of aim vs. the point of impact, and how to use this information to set your sights up at “combat accuracy” for any kind of shot you’ll need to make in home defense.

Module Four: Deterrence
Deployment – Kit

The best gunfight to get into is the one that’s avoided. That’s why we go deep on deterrence strategies. Mind you, you’ll be packing lethal force that projects complete authority. Just the sight of your weapon can make a home invader turn tail and run, but in this module you’ll see how to multiply that projection of force.

  • Two types of risk you assume at the start of any home defense… and a simple procedure that completely insulates you from both.
  • A five point checklist to minimize any civil liability resulting from defense of home. (Think you couldn’t be a prime target for prosecutors? Think again!)
  • Why you should NEVER store semi-auto weapons with a round in the chamber. No, not the obvious “because someone could get shot” reason, but another that could put your belongings at high risk and even put you in jail.
  • The only two storage solutions you’ll ever need and the most critical part of employing your weapon and engaging your home defense plan.
  • Three types of “kit” for home defense… and how to determine which is right for you.
  • A shot timer drill that adds speed to your mounting and engagement foundation.

Module Five: Alternative Shooting Positions and Multiple
Targets and Threats

The high-speed tactics you need to take care of multiple home invaders, since they tend to work in teams. These tactics have been tested exhaustively specifically for the citizen defender.

  • Five common traits of home invasions and robberies taken from “after action reports” and how to tailor your home defense plan for both common and more sophisticated attacks.
  • Why you should NEVER dynamically clear your house unless there’s NO other choice.
  • Fast knee vs. precision knee – how to choose the best position for the type of threat you face
  • Which military techniques and tactics are good for home defense… and the commonly known ones that have no application outside of the battlefield.
  • How to learn the process of immediacy so you know how to handle a swarm of home invaders entering your home at once.
  • Live fire drills for engaging multiple threats using smooth transitions to each.

Look, Home Defense Rifle is the answer to the facts that show:

  • An estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007.
  • A household member was present in roughly 1 million burglaries and became victims of violent crimes in 266,560 burglaries.
  • One out of five homes (20% of US residences) will experience a home invasion or a break in at some point.
  • Sixty percent of rapes and 38% of assaults are occurring in the aftermath of home invasions.

And remember, these stats were compiled during peaceful times!

With statistics so high, why would you NOT want to be fully prepared to defend your family?

Think about how high they would skyrocket if the “you know what” hits the fan.

That’s why you need to be ready.

Don’t be a victim.

I created Home Defense Rifle just for your peace of mind and families security.

There is NOTHING on the market like it.

Home Defense Rifle stands alone so YOU can make your stand if you’re that one in five who will experience a violent intrusion event.

Ripped From Today’s Headlines

Just recently, I read a story about the murder of the nephew of a U.S. Senator that shows exactly why you need this information.

Early on a school morning in early September, a home invasion began outside of Spokane, Washington.

girl-cryThe attacker burst into an 8 year old girl’s room, telling her “Stay in bed. I’m going to kill your father.”

The assailant, armed with a sword and knife then moved to her father’s bedroom.

Police arrived just after 7 AM to a scene of bloody carnage.

The walls and floors were covered in crimson throughout the home.

The father lay dead in the living room, in a pool of blood.

Fortunately, his daughter was fine.

She hadn’t witnessed the murder and called her grandmother, who reported the crime to the police.

But it could have been much worse.

I’m not telling this story to frighten you, there’s an important lesson to be learned.

Just having a rifle or any other type of gun in the house is not enough.

It takes preparation and planning ahead of time to get the edge over invaders.

You see, had the father had any type of early warning, the story could have turned out completely different.

With a few minutes notice, a home defense plan could have been launched.

The attacker could have been deterred… or if necessary, taken out with no hesitation or mercy.

The big point here is how important it is to slow the entry of invaders so you have CHOICES.

And that is a vital piece of Home Defense Rifle.

It’s Time to Lock and Load, My Friend…

Listen, if you don’t currently own an AR-15, maybe by now you’re seriously interested in getting one.

And we’ll cover everything you need to know to select the one that’s best for you.

But even if you’re not planning on an AR-15 any time soon, Home Defense Rifle still has all of the plans and tactics you need for defending your home from scumbags.

You could still use a handgun or shotgun… but you won’t necessarily have a better weapon than the bad guys.

And that means you need Home Defense Rifle even more!

Because building your home defense plan and learning the tactics for cover, concealment and dealing with multiple targets and threats could save your life, and the lives of the people most important to you.

And you’ll get the most effective techniques and tactics we’ve tested over years to give you the edge.

But before you order, I have to tell you about a little problem...

Three Years in Development, But One Tiny Glitch

SEALed Mindset has a team of amazing firearms and self-defense instructors.

Our former SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Special Forces and SWAT personnel all know their stuff cold.

But the problem is, none of us are “geeks.”

Let me explain.

See, we filmed Home Defense Rifle in full HD… we hired great editors and the videos have fabulous quality.

But when we dealt with the manufacturer of the DVD’s, we selected the wrong format.

It’s really a minor flaw, and in fact, and frankly most people won’t notice it.

But the way DVD player manufacturers have changed their technology over the year’s means only certain ways of formatting work for all types of players.

Sure, we selected one that works with virtually every player.

But it wasn’t the most current formatting standard.

That means some DVD players, (maybe 10-20% of them still in use), will display black bars on the sides.

What that means is if you have an older DVD player, you will have these black bars on the sides, essentially framing the video a bit smaller.

(This doesn’t affect all older players, just certain ones with an older technology.)

They still work great, and again, most folks won’t have a problem.

But we printed out the first 500 DVD sets using this older formatting.

So in order to sell them out quickly, and get the masters reformatted, we’ll be selling them at a serious discount.

That means instead of paying $147, you can get a great deal because of our mistake.

(Which again, most people won’t even notice…)

So until I’ve sold out the first batch, you can score an amazing discount of almost 50%.

That means you can get started today for as little as $77.

Just check out which package suits your needs at the bottom of this page and you can claim one heck of a deal because of our little mistake.

I’ll Show You What Works in the REAL World…
And You Take ZERO Risk for 60 Days

Not only will you get a nice discount today, I’ll back Home Defense Rifle with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take a full 60 days to go through all 11 recordings.

Put your Home Defense Plan together, practice your drills and fortify your home against todays criminal scum bent on mayhem.

And if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, if you don’t see the value of the tactics we’ve so thoroughly tested, and if you don’t feel total confidence you can “take care of business” in case your home is invaded…

…Simply contact our customer care, send back your materials and you’ll get a rapid, no-questions-asked refund.

Home Defense Rifle is THE most current course on the market for defending your home.

There’s NO other course like it.

And I guarantee it will deliver the goods and help keep your family safe and secure in today’s crazy world.

Just select the package you want and get started today.

God bless,

Larry Yatch

SEALed Mindset

“I’m Ready to Protect My Family, Larry!”