If you unexpectedly find yourself under violent attack… you have 3 seconds to react.

Do you know what to do?

Former Team 3 Navy SEAL Reveals His Training Secrets to Shoot a Pistol Faster and More Accurately Than Most Spec-Op Soldiers…

Better yet, this new firearms training program can be done at home, no grueling or expensive trips to the range required.

Plus, it will shave years off your training for thousands less than it would cost anywhere else.

Dear friend,

The odds are high that you’ll face a violent attack at some point in your life.

It’s tough to even think about, I know. But the fact is, you DO have to think about it.

Being unprepared can cost you your life.

Yet, being armed does not mean you’re safe. Not by a long shot.

You have to be ready for what COULD happen even if you’re armed.

• What if the attacker grabs you or your gun?

• What if your gun jams or malfunctions?

• What if there are people around?

• What if the attacker is so close you can’t get to your gun before he has his sticky fingers around your throat?

For the past 10 years we’ve taught thousands of people who have come to our facility here is Minnesota.

Yet, I always felt like there was more I could do, especially for people who can’t come out to my training facility, or don’t have the funds to take the classes.

As a former, highly trained Navy Seal… I’ve studied the world’s best combat styles, martial arts, and self-defense systems.

And I wanted to get these proven techniques into the hands of as many people as possible.

And after years of learning and teaching, after thousands of students, we’ve finally put together the most simple, comprehensive, proven and effective techniques you can learn right from the comfort of your own home.

Who Am I and Who Am I to Tell You This?

My name is Larry Yatch and I’m a retired Navy SEAL (Team 3) and a current firearms and self-defense expert. I own a firing range and self-defense facility here in Minnesota called “Sealed Mindset”.It’s unlike any other training center out there. People fly in from around the world to study with us because we teach simple, effective self-defense techniques you can use with or without a firearm.
You see, we don’t just teach self-defense here.We go WAY beyond that.We do that for a reason… a reason that is completely missing from other self-defense and firearms courses out there.

And what no other shooting or self-defense expert out there will tell you is this:

Biologically, Your Body Will Betray You When You Face A Violent, Unexpected Attack.

As adrenaline surges through your body your vision narrows (what the authorities call “tunnel vision” and your hearing literally shuts down. Yes, this means that, for a short while, you will officially be quite deaf.

Next, your blood vessels contract, pushing all the available blood into your largest muscles as your body prepares to fight… or flee.

As a result your fine motor skills vanish and suddenly something very ordinary and routine, even things you’ve done 10,357 times before, like removing an empty mag from your gun and slapping in a new one, become practically impossible to do.

And unless you train for THAT… the tunnel vision, reduced sense of hearing, and the complete loss of fine motor skills… it doesn’t matter if you’re a 7th decades of experience… those skills will go right out the window.

As SEALs, we trained so that we’d be ready and lethal, even when all of those things occurred.

———– STORY HERE ———

And that was it. After hearing that story, I just couldn’t take it anymore…

98% of all violent confrontations could be avoided with proper situational awareness. And that is something that practically no other training courses are teaching.

I’ll get into situational awareness in a minute.

I realized that I had to do something to help regular, everyday folks… folks like you… get real training that really works in the life-or-death situations when it absolutely, positively cannot fail.

Even if you never practice it ever again.

Quite frankly, I’m pretty frustrated (oh, alright… I’m really pissed off!) by the lack of EFFECTIVE firearms training that is currently being taught.

So my team and I took everything that we know and teach about self-defense and created the most complete system possible. The best part is…

This is a System That Everyday, Regular People Just Like You Can Use.

And you’re not going to have to spend years of training, have super physical abilities or any special advantages to master.

I purposely created a simple to use firearms course that anyone can put to practice from the comfort of your own home… no expensive trips to the range required.

The course is specifically designed so that you can repeatedly practice the drills at home.

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned and tested thousands of techniques.

If we find something that works, then we immediately make it a part of our own training.

We’ve kept only the most effective techniques that work and, more importantly, were proven effective by real world results.

Then, we put them into a series of step-by-step videos that anyone can follow.



The Concealed Carry Masters Course is the first and only video training course to teach you scientifically validated techniques that are guaranteed to accelerate your learning.

This is a specifically designed firearms training course that also includes a few self-defense tactics that can help you break away from an attacker and defend yourself whether you’re armed or unarmed.

And, unlike most other video training courses out there, we spared no expense to make sure we made the best-looking videos we could.

And we sure as heck didn’t hire our neighbor’s son to film this on his iPhone, which is more than can be said for some of the other high-end courses out there.

We made sure from day 1 that this system had high-production value… so everything was easily seen and heard.

And you’ll notice this isn’t like some self-defense programs where they simply film a large class that’s currently going on or they’re filming people just shooting on a range.

These videos are shot as if it is only you and the instructor so you feel like you’re getting true 1-on-1 instruction.

All of the instructors (myself included) walk you through every technique slowly, easily, and in detail… so you have no questions at all.

We make absolutely certain that everything is taught to you in small, simple, easy steps, that you can easily follow along with at home.

And the accompanying drills that you practice will help you “hard wire” these techniques into your mind and body, so they come to you at the moment you need them most.

In fact, this method of teaching and learning has been proven so effective that I’m regularly invited to speak to elementary schools all over America.

You can be sure…

If I Can Effectively Teach a 5th Grader This Stuff,
You Can To Learn It Easy!

Also, these videos were entirely planned out and scripted before we ever shot a frame of footage. This means that we made sure that only the most important techniques and advice were put into them.

There’s no “winging it” in these videos or any “flying off the cuff”.

Every word, technique, and move was planned in advance so that you learn every single important step from the comfort of home.

In fact, my instructors teach this same training to regular, average everyday folks in over 180 live training sessions at our training facility every month.

Why Concealed Carry Master Class is
Different Than other Courses

This may be a shock to you, but going to the range, for most, doesn’t teach you anything useful.

You can’t go to the range and get the same results as what you will get with this training.

People often think that if they simply practice shooting, they’ll become good at it and that they will be able to defend themselves when needed.

Unfortunately, that’s completely false. Shooting a firearm repeatedly doesn’t teach you Situational Awareness, Avoidance, Deterrence, or Startle Responses… it usually just teaches you poor form and bad habits.

In order to truly become an expert, you need to master the fundamentals before moving forward, which requires multiple exposures over time.

The best way to learn any skill is to start with the fundamentals and repeat until you’ve mastered them.

This is how martial arts are taught.

In the process of mastering the fundamentals, you work slowly until you’re able to execute the skills smoothly at full speed.

Then you add the next, more complex, concept and repeat the process.

This causes neural pathways (muscle memory) to be developed, myelin sheaths to be formed and thickened (which allows for fine motor skills to be used under extreme stress), and for proprioception (the subconscious mind’s awareness of and comfort with where all parts of the body are in space) to improve.

To correctly develop these skills, you need multiple exposures over time, which is why weekend-long crash courses are ineffective.

Doing a simple weekend course won’t allow you enough time able to master the previous skill and build the necessary neural pathways, myelin sheath and proprioception, so your skills will be short-lived and degrade over time.

Moreover, many of the useful skills that are demonstrated in Concealed Carry Master Class aren’t allowed on ranges.

That’s because you need to move and on the range you’re limited to static linear shooting for safety reasons.

Only through dry fire lessons, like those given in this course, can you master the skills necessary to defend yourself.

These dry fire drills can be done at home whenever you have free time, making it easy to develop the skills consistently over time, and saving significant cost over hiring a private instructor.

The question you need to ask yourself is what would it cost to buy ammo, rent the gun and pay range fees to get this same level of training?

The short answer:

You Couldn’t Achieve This Same Level Of Training Even
If You Had Unlimited Ammo And Time

Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.

To master a skill, you need to practice doing it correctly, which can only be done given proper instruction.

And this applies no matter how fancy your firearm and equipment…using better gizmos and gear doesn’t help you correct fundamental errors like flinches.

Yet, one of the biggest aspects of this training that makes us far superior than other training courses you will find is that the Concealed Carry Masters Course isn’t limited to shooting but includes everything leading up to and following the encounter, which can’t be learned by shooting ammo down a range.

Additionally, besides being the only course created by a retired Navy SEAL with a current training facility, we also designed your program around the science of how your brain actually learns and absorbs information.

You will learn faster, retain the techniques, and be able to USE them when you actually need them.

Skills that will immediately come to life if you’re ever faced with a life or death situation.

It’s been proven that…

You Learn Best When Given Simple, Bite-Sized
Chunks Of Information And Instruction…

That you then practice.

This “hard wires” the movements into your body and brain, so they become second nature and readily available when you need them.

Most traditional firearms training is based on shooting hundreds and hundreds of rounds over a few days. But that’s NOT how we learn best.

That’s because the type of neuro pathways you create at the range are not necessarily the ones that you will need when your body goes into a full-blown startle response.

You learn best when it’s broken down into small, simple steps that we can then practice.

This is why how martial arts are taught hasn’t really changed in thousands of years… because it’s been proven effective.

And it’s why we designed and filmed this entire video training course using the same philosophy.

Your subconscious mind will execute whatever you’ve programmed it to do, and this is truly a case where “garbage in, garbage out” rules the day.

However, with a single defined and practiced response to threat stimulus, like you’ll learn in your Concealed Carry Masters Class, you will be able to execute it rapidly and efficiently.

And here’s another thing that “range shooters” completely fail to realize: Your safety begins with your ability to identify a threat.

Once you finish your Masters Course you be able to identify a threat at a distance using proper Situational Awareness techniques and you would try to avoid it.

If you were unable to avoid it, you would begin engaging in Deterrence to convince the Threat to go away.

This is a crucial step that most people in the real world neglect, since they don’t want to cause an unnecessary confrontation.

To show you how well this type of training works, I’ve taken complete newbie’s… people with ZERO firearms training, and taught them what you’ll learn in this video training course.

And after firing fewer than 100 live rounds…

Those Newbie’s Were Shooting Faster and
More Accurately Than a Lot of Spec-Op Soldiers

Highly trained soldiers with years of training who had shot hundreds-of-thousands of rounds were being beat, in terms of speed and accuracy, by new students who had no previous firearms experience and having shot less than 100 live rounds.


Stop Learning Shooting Skills
the Long, Slow, Hard Way…

If you’re like most shooters, your training looks something like this:You’ve got to load and reload magazines, load up your vehicle and then drive to the range.

Next, you have to walk from the parking lot to the range, interact with the people behind the counter, possibly wait for a lane to come available, set up your stuff, do your actual training, pack your stuff up and then wait to checkout & pay. You’ll usually chat about how you shot, walk out to your vehicle, drive back home, and possibly clean your gun.Regardless of the cost of ammo, the amount of time involved almost guarantees that most shooters won’t train multiple times a week. I took this into account when creating the Masters Course and included dozens of dry fire drills for you to do.

Dry fire is respectful enough of time that you can do it every single day. A shooter can do 100 high quality dry fire repetitions at home in only a few minutes.

With the Concealed Carry Masters Course DVDs, you also have to add in the instruction component, and the only way to get comparable incremental training is to do private lessons.

I feel, as a former Navy Seal, that it’s my duty and obligation to protect the people of this great country.

And one way to do that is to help protect you against violent attackers and criminals who may want to hurt you.

You Get Eight Training Modules in All…
Including Skills, Techniques,
Practice Drills and Exercises

We’ve found that even if you have a tool, like a gun – you still need to learn how to physically defend yourself effectively. Like I mentioned earlier, most gunfights happen when the bad guy is at arm’s length from you.

So while this course is primarily about shooter defense tactics, you’ll also learn how to break away and separate yourself from an attacker to create enough distance to get a shot off, run, or use another defensive tool.

Heck, even if you’re unarmed you still have weapons you can use anytime.

Additionally, these drills are designed is such a way that you will program the techniques into your subconscious so they become reactionary responses.

Just like Navy SEALS do.

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Plus, a whole lot more.

In addition to each video training session, you’ll get training drills that enforce the information you learned. Plus, You’ll have video drills, written drills, and live fire drills… all of which you can do right in your own home.

Yet, don´t take my word for it..




You Can Get the Exact Same Training I Offer at my Studio
For a Tiny Fraction of the Cost!

If you are devoted shooter than you might be able to shoot a minimum of 200 practice shots per week. At an estimated cost of $300 per 1,000 rounds for 9mm ammo, that would amount to $480 for live fire ammo every 8 weeks.

Add in a cost of approximately $20 per visit to the range and you’ll have an additional $140 in range fees, for a total of $620.

In the Concealed Carry Masters Course we recommend approximately 50 live fire shots per week, and a minimum of 150 dry fire shots (at least a 3-to-1 dry fire to live fire ratio).

You will achieve the same proficiency as in the case above but with a savings of 1,200 rounds of ammo or nearly $400.

However, since we know that proper instruction is key to mastering these skills, the cost of ammo is only part of the overall cost.

The DVD series is the equivalent of virtual private lessons. True private lessons can run $75-$350 per hour, and do not typically include information to take home, study, and practice before the next lesson.

If you trained with me here in Minnesota, it would cost you $350 per hour to learn this, not including your travel and lodging. And let’s face it… you can’t learn self-defense in an hour.

So really, to go through my most basic course you’re looking at upwards of $3,000 to learn this stuff privately from me.

And remember how I mentioned I also teach this to schools and corporations? Well, I have leadership and motivation programs that corporations pay me $22,000 to put on to their employees.

Now, I’m not telling you that to brag about all the money I’m making. I just want you to realize the incredible value I put on what I do.

You Don’t Have to Invest in Travel Costs or
Private Lessons With Me.
You CAN Invest in the Next Best Thing…

The entire Concealed Carry Masters Course Training System can be learned, studied and mastered in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of our live training classes.

You won’t have to invest the $2,000 my in-studio clients pay to get this instruction here in person at my training facility. In fact, it won’t even cost you half of that… or even 1⁄4.

The Concealed Carry Master Class has over 5 hours of hard-core, straight to the point training.

When you take advantage of this special offer today, you get all 8 Modules shipped to you on high-quality DVD, PLUS instant access to our online membership site so you can get started immediately for only $197.

For about the cost of a daily latte at Starbucks you can learn essential skills that even most highly trained shooters just don’t have.

Only $197 to have the ultimate advantage when it comes to you personal safety… and the safety of those you love.

We can all work together to create a well armed and well prepared society of loyal patriots.


Your instruction is so much farther ahead of any other firing ranges. The Firearms Studio was well worth my money. Despite being around guns for most of my life, I learned I was doing everything wrong before I met you. If I were to rate Sealed Mindset on a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 10. It’s that good!

– Joe C.

Act Now

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3 One Hour Video Presentations

These are three 1-hour video presentations I did on leadership, innovation, and courage. When I did them live, people paid $49/seat.

VALUE: $$$

15 Seconds to Safety

Learn how to be aware and present in any situation you’re in so you’re ready to act at a moment’s notice. In order to be truly safe, you must be aware of your surroundings and this will teach you how. Quite frankly, situational awareness is one of the most crucial skills you will ever learn.

VALUE: $$$

After the Smoke Clears

This video will teach you what to do before, during, and after lethal force to limit criminal and civil liability. This course could save you from being sued for millions of dollars.

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You don’t need to make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and order your copy of the Concealed Carry Master Class today and try it out.Take a full 60 days to go through the DVD’s and 8 online sessions and practice the techniques. If for any reason you’re not 100% delighted – if you don’t agree that you’ll be able to use what you learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Simply let me know and you’ll get a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund. And, just as a way of saying thanks for trying it out, you can KEEP the bonuses.

Look, you need a system that works every single time, without fail. It could mean the difference between going home or going to the funeral home. This 8-part video training series is THE only proven-effective system based on neuroscience.

You know what to do. It’s time you step up and learn what you need to in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from an unexpected attack.

Order today.

And I’ll see you on the other side.

– Limited time –


Larry Yatch

Sealed Mindset

p.p.s. Learning this stuff can literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why I want you to take this entire video series for a spin —without any risk or financial obligation.

p.p.s. You don’t need to be here in person at my studio to learn this; you don’t have to invest the $2,000 that students pay when they come here; and you don’t need a training partner to practice.

p.p.p.s Go ahead and order today. If you ever do find yourself in a sudden attack one day, you’ll be able to react automatically and with confidence. And your attacker is going to wish he had targeted on someone else.

Take action and order now…

Sealed Mindset is a World-Class self-defense facility and business. I truly believe they are inimitable in this industry and feel fortunate to have access to this level of training. I recently took a course with my wife. In short, the experience was amazing. The class was intense and realistic, but NOT intimidating. The staff are second to none and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Sealed Mindset to anyone with a pulse (there is literally something for anyone), and especially those who care about their personal safety and the safety of loved ones. Sealed Mindset is simply the best!

– Kevin

I’ve been to Front Sight and many of the higher level training programs in the country. Sealed Mindset’s program helps you hone and refine what you learn in that type of “fire-hose” training – and they do it with a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. It’s great for guys like me who don’t have the flexibility in my schedule to take a week or two off to travel for training every year, but still want the best there is to keep my family safe.

– Bob

As a former professional in the High-Risk Security field, I can say that the importance of qualified, experienced Instructors is a very high priority. Too many times, I have worked with people who had received their CCW permit and were considered “qualified” by the Companies contracted to provide security. I think it is great that you guys are going above and beyond the minimum training needed for Minnesota’s CCW requirements and hope to one day, further my own training on your course!

– Vic

I was watching “The real housewives of Miami” and one of the ladies went to the gun range so she could learn how to shoot a gun. Well, I was amazed at the things she was doing wrong, most notable was how she held the gun and the fact that she kept her finger on the trigger the whole time, regardless of the position of the gun! It was great to realize these mistakes, and I’m so thankful for the training I’ve received so far! Seeing that solidifies proper training is absolutely necessary!

– Marissa

Just wanted to thank you guys for doing some firearms training with my wife. As a cop, I thought it would be a good idea if she knew at least how to load and unload a gun since we have guns in our home. Never did I think she would actually want to go shooting with me. My wife hated guns before she was introduced to Sealed Mindset. It’s a night and day difference. Thanks again. Puts me at ease when she is home with the kids alone!

– Charles

I want to thank you and all of the Sealed Mindset team members for hosting this course. It was an unbelievable experience, filled with much learning and knowledge that I can use wherever I am. I feel that because I have taken this course, I am much better suited to protect not only myself but also others. Lt. Yatch instilled great lessons while making it an enjoyable and exciting experience. To sum up how I feel about this course, “Never be a victim again. Eliminate uncertainty and control fear by taking this course!

– Jeffrey

Personally, I have been shooting for eight years now. I have just assumed that I was a terrible shot and made my peace with that. After a 30 minute training session and some stance and grip corrections I have drastically improved. I might even consider myself a good shot if I continue to cement the lessons. So I definitely enjoyed it immensely. It’s a great facility and program you have going. You should be very proud. I will definitely be recommending it to anybody interested.

– Shaun

I really like the mental part of the training, I personally needed it as I feel I’ve lost an edge over the years. I would take a class from Sealed Mindset ANY day, you certainly have my respect.

– Justin

It was amazing how much more aware I was walking my dog last night after taking your class yesterday. I have always tried to make a point of being aware but I was much more vigilant regarding what is going on around me. It was also empowering.

I wish I had started taking classes a few years ago when I first heard about Sealed Mindset on Armed America Radio. I really appreciate that your training attempts to simulate real situations… I am doing this to learn a valuable skill to protect myself and my family… not to become a good shot under ideal situations with no threat against me or to just get in shape etc. Thanks to you and your team for what you do!

– Keith