If you’re serious about shooting you need to be familiar with retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch and his training systems.

Larry’s been interviewed and written about by numerous major media outlets, including Armed American Radio, multiple interviews on Fox News about his SEAL Team 3 Teammate, Chris Kyle when “American Sniper” came out, and this month in “Recoil” magazine.  Some of his exploits were included in a best selling book on Navy SEALs
and he is a leading expert on accelerated
learning techniques for shooting.

You’re going to want to read this piece where he talks about

  • The realities of lethal force encounters
  • Why 99% of current firearms training fails in real life, why almost all trainers agree, and the solution
  • Some of the steps that his team has taken to completely revolutionize firearms training in America.
  • And more that will shock you–especially if you’ve taken any firearms training recently

This is great information that isn’t currently available anywhere else.
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P.S.  Here’s what Michael Martin, Chief Instructor for USCCA had to say about Larry, “I’ve had the pleasure of training with Larry Yatch for years, and I’ve always been continually impressed with not only his amazing experience as a Navy SEAL, but also with his ability to take topics that were previously reserved for elite tactical teams, and bring them to the civilian market in a way that we can understand.

The shooting techniques, the accelerated teaching/learning systems, and the integrated methods that he’s created are among the best that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

While I’m lucky enough to live near Larry’s training headquarters, the Concealed Carry Masters Course takes the same knowledge that Larry has shared in the classroom and on the range with thousands of students, and packages it up into a DVD set that brings that same training into the comfort of your own home.

The Concealed Carry Masters Course is really groundbreaking in its ability to take the theory behind proper shooting techniques, and hardwire those techniques at on unconscious level.  If you’re serious about using a pistol for self-defense, you should seriously consider this course.”

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