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If you’re like most shooters, your training looks something like this: You’ve got to load and reload magazines, load up your vehicle and then drive to the range.

Next, you have to walk from the parking lot to the range, interact with the people behind the counter, possibly wait for a lane to come available, set up your stuff, do your actual training, pack your stuff up and then wait to checkout & pay. You’ll usually chat about how you shot, walk out to your vehicle, drive back home, and possibly clean your gun.Regardless of the cost of ammo, the amount of time involved almost guarantees that most shooters won’t train multiple times a week. I took this into account when creating the Masters Course and included dozens of dry fire drills for you to do.

Dry fire is respectful enough of time that you can do it every single day. A shooter can do 100 high quality dry fire repetitions at home in only a few minutes.

With the Concealed Carry Masters Course DVDs, you also have to add in the instruction component, and the only way to get comparable incremental training is to do private lessons.

I feel, as a former Navy SEAL, that it’s my duty and obligation to protect the people of this great country.

And one way to do that is to help protect you against violent attackers and criminals who may want to hurt you.

Yet, don´t take my word for it…

Sealed Mindset
is Different than other Courses

We specifically designed your program around the science of how your brain actually learns and absorbs information.

You to learn faster, retain the techniques, and be able to USE them during a stressful attack.

The drills you will practice will forever imprint the techniques directly to your nervous system.

You’ll be able to use them during life or death situations… without freezing up or feeling paralyzed with fear. Even if you’ve never been in a real life or death situation…

I created these techniques and videos using a “quick learning” mechanism so anyone can absorb the information as fast as possible. That’s why I include drills you can use to get your body used to responding to an event. Each Neuroscience based module contains a “learn, practice, experience” element for you to train your body and mind to work together and automatically use these responses during an attack.

There’s a reason why we train and teach these techniques like we do. In my study of human learning and Neuroscience, it’s been proven that we learn best when given simple, small, bite sized chunks of information and instruction… that we then practice.

In other words, you learn a small, bite sized piece of information… then you practice it and experience it for yourself. This “hard wires” the movements into your body and brain, so they become second nature when you need them.

See, traditional firearms training is based on shooting thousands and thousands of rounds over a few days. But that’s NOT how we learn best.

Again, we learn best when it’s broken down into small, simple steps that we can then practice. This is how martial arts are taught… because it’s been proven effective. And it’s why we filmed and designed this entire video training course using the same philosophy of teaching small, bite sized chunks of information that you learn and practice again and again, right from home.

THAT is the Power of NeuroScience and
the Training Methods we Use in the
Sealed Mindset Fundamentals
Video Series…

You can’t really “think” during a lethal threat. The only thing you can do is train your mind and body to react in less time.

And the techniques found in the Sealed Mindset Fundamentals Video Series will program your body and mind to react with specific, simple empty-hand techniques that help you break away from an attacker and create enough time and distance to either get away or get a shot off and neutralize the attacker.

It also helps you to be prepared for multiple attackers, gun malfunctions and reloads, and so much more. And again, it saves you time and money because you can practice and dry run these techniques in the comfort of home, so you ingrain and hard wire them into your brain and body… so they come to you automatically when you’re under attack.

No other firearms or self-defense course does that. You’ll feel confident walking back from the movies at night, with your family… knowing you can handle any situation and protect them from harm.

Plus, imagine the peace and confidence you will have knowing your skills can protect loved ones no matter what kind of trouble you find yourself in. Learning the self-defense methods in this 8-session video course will be the best peace of mind you can buy.

With the Sealed Mindset Fundamentals system ingrained into your mind and body you’ll jump to the occasion instantly and neutralize your attacker before any harm can come to you or your family.

You’re in Charge of Your Own Safety

That’s why I want as many people as possible to take learn this system.

I feel, as a former Navy Seal, that it’s my duty and obligation to protect the people of this great country. And one way to do that is to help protect you against violent attackers and criminals who may want to hurt you.

Experts call
Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Master’s Course
the Single Most Effective Training
in the World

Some of the world’s most advanced firearms instructors have called this THE most effective system they’ve seen and expect it to completely revolutionize firearms training over then next few years.

They say the use of cutting-edge teaching techniques that we’re using to hard wire and ingrain this system into your body and mind so you can use it in a split second without thinking is what makes it better than any other self-defense system out there.

Think the popular “palm strike to the face” technique is going to keep your attacker busy while you draw your gun, one handed, from concealment? In real life, the bad guy isn’t going to stay as still as a target stand while you draw your gun.

We’ll show you and you’ll practice the most effective way to create enough space to deploy your gun when your attacker is already within arm’s reach. Our technique stops the threat in the fastest way possible while minimizing your chances of being hurt.

You’ll also learn the fastest and most effective actions to take if you have a weapon malfunction, depending on how far away your attacker is. (HINT: There are times when your pistol’s highest and best use is as an impact weapon.)

Here’s the question you need to ask yourself. What would it cost to buy ammo, rent the gun and pay instructor and range fees to get this same level of training?

The short answer:

You Couldn’t Achieve This Same Level Of Training Even
If You Had Unlimited Ammo And Time

Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.

To master a skill, you need to practice doing it correctly, and the quality of your practice after receiving one-time training degrades over time. With the Concealed Carry Masters Course DVDs, you can constantly go back to the follow-along dry fire drills to refresh and model perfect form until it’s 2nd nature.

You just can’t do that with live training!

Yet, one of the biggest aspects of this training that sets it so far above other courses is that the Concealed Carry Masters Course isn’t limited to shooting but includes everything leading up to (and hopefully avoiding) the encounter, which can’t be learned by shooting ammo down a range.

Additionally, we designed your program around the science of how your brain learns, absorbs, and retains information most efficiently. You can learn FACTS by cramming your head full of information in a DVD or 2 to 7 day class, but your mind/body learns how to DO stuff better with frequent short exposures to the material followed immediately by short, high-quality practice sessions.

This method literally forces your mind to learn faster, retain the techniques, and subconsciously USE them when you actually need them.

We’ve found that even if you have a tool, like a gun – you still need to learn how to physically defend yourself effectively. Like I mentioned earlier, most gunfights happen when the bad guy is at arm’s length from you.

So while this course is primarily about shooter defense tactics, you’ll also learn how to break away and separate yourself from an attacker to create enough distance to get a shot off, run, or use another defensive tool.

Heck, even if you’re unarmed you still have weapons you can use anytime.

And, as mentioned earlier, these drills are designed to help you program the techniques into your subconscious so they become reactionary responses.

Just like Navy SEALs and other operators and military personnel do with immediate action drills.

Skills that immediately come to life if you’re ever faced with a life or death situation.

It’s been proven that…You Learn Best
When Given Simple, Bite-Sized
Chunks Of Information And Instruction…
That you then practice.

This “hard-wires” the movements into your body and brain, so they become more and more automatic and ingrained in the subconscious until you can act quickly, smoothly, and fluidly without thinking about every single step.

That’s why martial arts have been taught the same way for thousands of years… because it’s been proven as an effective way of teaching skills that involve getting both the mind and the body to perform under extreme stress.

And it’s why we designed and filmed this entire DVD training course using the same teaching and learning philosophy.

As the saying goes, in a lethal force encounter, you WON’T rise to the occasion, you will default to the level of your training.

But that’s not exactly true. If your “training” consists of a class or two per year, you won’t default to your training…you’ll default to whatever you’ve practiced doing the most.

This is because you don’t have time to think through the situation…you just have to decide to act and then your subconscious mind will execute whatever you’ve programmed it to do. This is truly a case of where “garbage in, garbage out” rules the day.

If you have a single defined and practiced response to threat stimulus, like you’ll learn with SEALed Mindset, you will be able to execute it rapidly and efficiently.

But if your mind has multiple options to choose from, or none that have been practiced enough times to be automatic, there will be a delay, and in a worst case–you’ll stand there, frozen–a stationary target for your attacker, possibly even provide them a weapon or two to be used on other innocent people.

To show you how well this type of training works, I’ve taken complete newbies… people with ZERO firearms training, and taught them what you’ll learn in this DVD training course. And after firing fewer than 300 live rounds…

Those Newbie’s Were Shooting Faster and
More Accurately Than a Lot of Spec-Op Soldiers

You’ll learn how to do all of this, automatically and without hesitation.

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You Get Eight Training Modules in All…
Including Skills, Techniques,
Practice Drills and Exercises

Here are SOME of The Pistol Skills
That You’ll Learn

The odds are high that you’ll face a violent attack at some point in your life.

It’s tough to even think about, I know. But the fact is, you DO have to think about it.

Being unprepared can cost you your life.

Yet, being armed does not mean you’re prepared. Not by a long shot.

You have to be ready for what COULD happen even if you’re armed.

• What if the attacker grabs you or your gun?

• What if your gun jams or malfunctions?

• What if there are people around?

• What if the attacker is so close you can’t get to your gun before he has his sticky fingers around your throat?

• What if you freeze, choke, or can’t remember what to do?


the ugly truth is that I can guarantee that you’ll freeze in an extreme shock/surprise situation.

Everyone does…from the completely unprepared to highly trained Navy SEALs, like me.

The difference is HOW LONG you freeze.

Minimizing that time is teachable, and it’s a skill that we specialize in.

In fact, for the past 5 years we’ve taught it to thousands of people here in Minnesota, including 140-180 times a month since we opened our training studio in 2012.

Yet, I’ve always felt like there was more I could do, especially for people who can’t train with us, or who don’t have the funds to take the classes.

As a highly-trained retired Navy SEAL… I’ve studied the world’s best combat styles, martial arts, self-defense, and shooting systems. I had to. My life and the lives of my teammates depended on it.

What I’ve found is that…

Almost All Civilian and Law Enforcement
Firearms Training That’s Being Done Today
Practically Guarantees
A False Sense Of Security
and Failure In Times Of Extreme Stress.

(You may cringe at that, but when I tell you why, I promise you’ll agree with me…)

And the training that’s being done correctly is WAY too expensive for the majority of shooters.

After multiple combat deployments (and 100+ combined years of military and law enforcement service), years of studying the psychology of accelerated learning and teaching techniques, thousands of hours teaching students, and constant refinement, my team and I have finally put together the most simple, effective, and affordable firearms training program that you can depend on under stress.

Dear Friend,

It’s terrifying…but according to the Department of Justice, you have a greater than 50% chance of experiencing a violent attack at some point in your life.

I know, it’s hard to believe. And the reason most people try to avoid it.

But even worse… when it does happen…

I can guarantee – with 100% certainty —
the shock and surprise of the situation
will cause you to instantly…

Everyone does…

…From the completely unprepared… to the highly trained Navy SEAL, like me.

The only question… is…

How LONG will you freeze?

And what you’ve got to understand is that your answer to that question could very easily be the difference between living… and dying.

As you continue reading you’ll discover the good news is…

Minimizing that crucial, often life-threatening, period of time is
a teachable skill.

As you can imagine, learning this requires training unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

And since it’s something you’re betting your life on… you cannot afford to get it wrong.

That’s where I come in.