Today, I want to share a quick clip from retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch’s “Concealed Carry Masters Course.”

In it, they show the only side-by-side comparison of releasing the slide with the slide stop vs. racking the slide that I’ve seen.

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There are a lot of people who argue that the rack is more reliable than the slide stop method, and that’s true with some finicky guns, but not with a gun that’s going to run reliably enough for concealed carry, home defense, duty, or competition.

Another big argument is that racking the slide is a gross motor skill, using the slide stop is a fine motor skill, and you won’t be able to do it under extreme stress. There’s also some truth to this, but it’s a false argument.

Here’s what I mean…releasing the slide stop with your left thumb is no more of a fine motor skill than pressing the trigger with your finger.  (We do NOT recommend releasing the slide stop by swiping down with your right thumb)

And, as to whether you’ll lose the ability to release the slide with the slide stop under stress…or lose the ability to do ANY fine motor skill under stress…here’s a quick, general test.

If you’ve practiced a skill/action enough times that it has become an automatic, conditioned response that you don’t have to consciously think about and can execute unconsciously, then your performance won’t degrade as much as if you have to consciously think about every step in the process.

So, for shooters who take their basic pistol or concealed carry class and then only practice a couple of times a year, the over-the-top rack is probably the best solution.

The over-the-top rack is also the only option for people shooting guns with lightened springs (for speed), steep feed ramps, squared off bullets, or similar scenarios where the extra 1/2″ of spring compression makes the difference between the gun going into battery and having a malfunction.

But for anyone who thinks they might need to defend themselves with a pistol, and who is running a duty/combat worthy pistol, it’s worth it to practice and know both techniques. The extra 3 rounds on target could make a big difference in how things play out.

It’s worth it to note that this is a minute and a half from the 9+ hour Concealed Carry Masters DVD Course. With 4.5 hours of instruction and another 4.5 hours of dry fire follow along drills and live fire demonstrations, it’s hard to put into words how quickly and dramatically it can improve your ability to put fast, accurate rounds on target.

This is a perfect training tool for yourself or for the shooter in your life…especially if he’s a fan of the SEALs. With ranges full, ammo expensive, and range time as expensive as it is, this is the perfect answer for how to quickly, easily, and affordably go through Special Ops pistol training in the comfort of your own home. To learn more and to get your special USCCA discount, click >HERE< now.